Aadhaar Verified
NUID Issued

Attention of Nurses Invited
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The immediate attention of those nurses who have registered themselves in the Nurses Registration & Tracking System (NRTS) at is invited that, their Aadhaar based biometric authentication will be done at respective State Nursing Councils. For this, they should contact their respective State Nursing Councils with a prior appointment. Till the appointment is taken, no Nurse should directly visit the State Nursing Council for this purpose. If any clarification/ errors you encounter with respect to NRTS, you are requested to submit the same by clicking on the button "HELPDESK".


  1. Enrolment Agency M/s. FINO PayTech will visit all CHCs, PHCs and the hospitals (both public and private) for enrolling Nurses Data.
  2. Nurses who have enrolled themselves through internet at will have to visit respective State Nursing Councils for the purpose of Aadhaar based biometric authentication. M/s. FINO PayTech will not do their Aadhaar based biometric authentication.

Objectives of Nurses Registration & Tracking System (NRTS)

  1. Free Enrolment of Nurses - Hassel free registration and linked with Aadhaar based biometric authentication.
  2. Simplified Registration and has integrated uniform system across the country.
  3. Empower Nurses with National Unique Identity Number (NUID).
  4. Renewal of licence once in five years linked with 150 hours of Continuing Nursing Education (CNE).
  5. Candidates getting NUID Card will get the incentive of 30 hours of CNE for the first time.
  6. Facilitate for effective manpower planning for policy makers at State and National level.
  7. Uniform issuance of Nurse Passbook comprising of complete history of Nurse Midwifery


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